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Week 30: April 5 - 9

Welcome back from spring break! I hope you were able to take some time to rest and reconnect with loved ones.

Periods 3, 6, 7 and 8:

Before break we celebrated the first era of Black political power in this country with Found poetry. This week we're going to start investigating the backlash that ultimately toppled the Reconstruction governments in the South. We'll begin preparing for a mock trial next week built around the question "Who Killed Reconstruction?" You'll have two assignments detailed in Google Classroom:

1) Edpuzzle: The End of Reconstruction

2) Who Killed Reconstruction? Trial Worksheet

Periods 2a and 2b:

We'll be starting up a new unit on Reconstruction— the era following the Civil War— this week by role playing and debating some of the key questions of the Reconstruction era. You'll have one assignment detailed in Google Classroom:

1) Reconstruction Role Play Worksheet

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