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Week 18: January 4 - 8

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Welcome back from break and happy new year! This week we'll be jumping back in to our discussion about who/what led to the Civil War. We'll start the week by looking at some of the economic tensions that contributed to the war — and how the North profited off of the slavery and then we'll continue our discussion of the abolitionist movement by participating in our first role play. You'll have three assignments this week that I'll detail more in class and in Google Classroom:

1) Mapping the Slave Economy

2) Complicity Reading and Assignment

3) Role Play: Ending Slavery Worksheet

(Note for Periods 2a and 2b - because of less instructional time allotted for 2nd period, we are about two weeks behind my other classes. So what we are doing this week is closer to what I posted for Week 16)

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